Northern Alberta’s Insulation and Fireproofing ExpertsFor over 10 years Atomik Interiors and Spray Systems has been installing the highest quality spray foam insulation and fireproofing materials. We work with residential and commercial clients, in both new and existing buildings.

From our Northern Alberta office we service the Edmonton region, from Red Deer to Fort Vermilion.

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Our CUFCA certified technicians have the expertise and knowledge to help you with all the following services:

  1. 1
    Residential Insulation: For a more comfortable home and lower energy bills, choose spray foam insulation

    Whether you’re looking to replace old insulation inside your home, or insulate an attic, basement or garage, polyurethane spray foam is the more effective, longer-lasting solution for greater comfort and energy savings. Learn more…

  2. 2
    Commercial Insulation: Spray foam insulation is the durable, effective solution for commercial applications

    For the most efficient, long-lasting insulation for offices, warehouses and industrial buildings of all sizes, you won’t beat polyurethane spray foam. Find out why it’s the most effective choice for commercial buildings. Learn more…

  3. 3
    Commercial Construction: Professional commercial construction services for for high quality work, on schedule

    Steel stud framing, gypsum board installation and finishing, drywall suspension ceiling installation, acoustic ceiling installation. Learn more…

  4. 4
    Commercial Fireproofing: Spray on fireproofing materials for commercial and industrial buildings of all types and sizes

    Spray applied fireproofing is a cost-effective way to ensure commercial and industrial buildings comply with all fire codes and your insurance company’s requirements Learn more…

  5. 5
    Residential Fireproofing: Spray on fireproofing materials for a safer home, and your own peace of mind

    In any areas of your home where fire is a risk, spray on fireproofing will keep you and your family safe. Ideal for furnace rooms, garages or workshops. Learn more…